The 57th Krakow Film Festival (57th KFF) shall be held between 28 May and 4 June 2017. The festival aims to review and promote documentary, short animated and fiction films. The films are screened in four competitions as well as in non-competitive sections.






  • The following films may take part in competitions:

– foreign films made in 2016 and 2017 that have not been screened publicly before 1 June 2016,

– Polish films made in 2016 and 2017.


  • Competitions:

– International Documentary Film Competition: documentary films with a running time of more than 30 minutes (medium and feature-length films),


–  International Short Film Competition: documentary, animated and fiction films with a running time of no more than 30 minutes,


– International DocFilmMusic Competition: documentary music films with a running time of more than 50 minutes.


– National Competition: Polish films only with a running time:

* unlimited  – for documentary films

* not exceeding 30 minutes – for animated and fiction films,

Polish producers submit films to the Polish competition only. Out of the films submitted, the selection committee chooses those which will take part in international competitions (they have to meet the requirements set for individual competitions).




Out of the films submitted for selection, the organisers may choose films to be screened in non-competitive sections.




  • To be eligible for international competitions the film must be a Polish premiere and a world premiere is preferred.
  • Premiere films which have not been in cinema distribution in Poland and have not been screened at any festival in Poland held prior to the 57th KFF are preferred in the national competition.


  • A Polish premiere is preferred in non-competitive sections.





  • Preview and screening copies must have English subtitles (does not apply to films where English is the original language).




  • The festival does not charge fees for submitting a film. This provision does not apply to the entities that submit more than 5 films.
  • One entity submitting a film (e.g. a film school, production company, institution, sales agent, distribution company or director) may submit no more than 5 films free of charge. The fee for each film above this amount is EUR 10. This condition does not apply to entities from Poland.


  • Deadlines for submitting films for selection:


International Competitions: Short Film, Documentary and DocFilmMusic:

30 November 2016: for films made prior to 31 October 2016

31 January 2017: for films made after 31 October 2016


National Competition:

30 November 2016: for films made prior to 31 October 2016

15 February 2017: for films made after 31 October 2016


  • Films should be submitted for selection in the following way:

– by completing the online entry form available at,

– by uploading an MP4 or MOV file or by sending a public or private link to the film, with or without a password, with unlimited access, not restricted by time or territory (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)
Please don’t change the password during process of our selection.


Technical details related to sending files and a link can be found in the online  entry form.


  • Applicants shall be informed whether the film was admitted to or rejected from the programme by e-mail sent at least 30 days before the start of the festival.


  • The list of films selected for competitions and non-competitive sections shall be placed at as soon as the selection process is completed.
  • After receiving information about the qualification of the film for the festival programme the applicant shall provide materials about the film (including stills from the film, the director’s picture and biography, the dialogue list in the original language and in English, technical information and the trailer) as indicated in the list which can be found in the film’s online profile.


  • Any additional information can be obtained from the festival office:

KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL, ul. Basztowa 15/8a, 31-143 Kraków, Poland

tel./fax: +48 12 2946945,




  • After receiving information about the qualification of the film for festival screenings and its approval by the producer, the applicant shall not withdraw the film from the festival.


  • One film may be screened no more than 5 times during the festival. All additional screenings outside the festival programme require an additional consent of the producer.


  • The films qualified for competitive sections shall be automatically placed in the digital video library and made available to the participants of the Krakow Film Market organised during the festival (unless the owner of rights refuses consent in writing). 


  • The following formats are accepted for festival screenings:

DCP (the preferred option),

– ProRes files.


  • All films that have been sent in other formats shall be digitised and converted to the DCP format by the organisers. These files shall be permanently removed from the organisers’ servers within two weeks after the festival closing date. The DCP files are prepared only for the needs of screenings at the 57th KFF and shall not be used for any other purpose without a separate permission expressed by the owner of rights.


  • Competition copies shall be delivered by 10 May 2017 to the following address:

KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL, ul. Basztowa 15/8a, 31-143 Kraków, Poland,

tel./fax +48 12 294 69 45,




  • International Documentary Competition

– Golden Horn for the director of the best film

– Silver Horn for the director of the best medium-length documentary

– Silver Horn for the director of the best feature-length documentary


  • International Short Film Competition:

Golden Dragon for the director of the best film 

– Silver Dragon for the director of the best documentary film 

– Silver Dragon for the director of the best animated film

– Silver Dragon for the director of the best fiction film


  • International DocFilmMusic Competition

– Golden Heynal for the director of the best film


  • National Competition:

– Golden Hobby Horse for the director of the best film

– Silver Hobby Horse for the director of the best documentary film

– Silver Hobby Horse for the director of the best animated film

– Silver Hobby Horse for the director of the best fiction film


  • Audience Award for the best competition film selected in a survey among the audience


  • Dragon of Dragons Special Award for extraordinary achievement in the documentary and animated film genre presented by the Programme Council of the Krakow Film Foundation


  • Other awards approved by organisers and funded by associations, partners or institutions.




  • The applicant approves of publishing information about the film on the festival website, in its official publications and press materials.


  • For promotional reasons, the materials about the film (including stills), the film trailer or clips sent by the producer may be made available to the media, television stations or partner Internet portals on the conditions defined in the online entry form.


  • The festival organisers may distribute selected awarded films on the conditions arranged with the owners of rights.




  • The costs of transport of screening copies as well as all shipping charges shall be borne by the applicant. The applicant shall pay all customs duties outside the territory of Poland. The festival does not pay customs duties outside the territory of Poland.


  • The applicant shall observe customs regulations related to film transport.


  • Parcels with foreign films from outside the European Union shall be accompanied by a pro forma invoice specifying the parcel value, which should not be greater than EUR 15, with the following note: “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”.


  • Film copies shall be returned within two weeks after the festival closing date, at the organiser’s cost, to the address submitted by the applicant. The festival shall be notified of any changes of this address not later than one week before the festival starting date.
  • The films screened in the festival shall be insured against damage, theft and civil liability for the duration when they remain in the organiser’s possession.




  • The films qualified for competitions shall be made available to the festival organisers free of charge.


  • The festival director determines whether the film submitted to the festival shall be included in festival screenings.
  • There is no option of appeal against the decision of the Festival Director.


  • The films submitted for selection in the previous editions of the festival shall not be considered.


  • The organisers may withdraw from the requirements of the Rules and Regulations for films of exceptional artistic value.
  • Submitting a film to the Krakow Film Festival is equivalent to accepting the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.


  • All matters not included in these Rules and Regulations shall be determined by the organisers represented by the Festival Director.
  • The Rules and Regulations of the Festival are in conformity with the International Rules and Regulations issued by FIAPF.