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Priit Pärn

Priit Pärn

02.06.2015, 12.00 – 14.00
MOS-2 (access with passes: INDUSTRY, MEDIA, MARKET)




Line is a result of drawing. And line is something really interesting.

As a matter of fact there are no lines in nature. Horizon on the sea is not a line, it is meeting of two different areas of colours – sea and sky. Visual world around us consist actually from different blotches of colours. Magic ability of our brains is to describe the meeting points of different blotches as a line. Drawing can describe or reflect. Drawings of small children are descriptive, their level of abstraction is very high. Dog on their drawing presenting all dogs of the world. Artist who is drawing from nature is making image with low level of abstraction. This dog is just this concrete dog. There are no problems for this artist until this artist doesn’t need to simplify his image. But there are professions where you really need to simplify your drawings. If you are cartoonist, children book illustrator, animator. Especially if you are an animator.

How to simplify drawing? What is stylization? What is personal style? What from and how it is coming? I do believe those questions a familiar for people having professions I mentioned above.

I started as caricaturist. In age 18 my first caricature was published and year was 1964. No too much good examples to follow this time in soviet union. I did know you have to draw a funny nose. But if nose is like this how the shoes have to look like? There were more questions than answers. I think I was around 35 when I felt – my line is more or less ready. It was a long way. Eclectic imitating of idols and mannerism. Using different instruments and techniques.

In my Master class I will talk about different ways of drawing, about stylization and style using my drawings like examples from the long way from very beginning to the point where I am now.
I will talk also about teaching of simplifying and stylization. At the end I will touch more basically the visual design in films Life without Gabriella Ferri and Pilots on the way home.


The masterclass will be followed by the press conference with Priit Pärn.

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