About Killing The Pig

Dell'ammazzare il maiale | Animation | IT | 6'

"About Killing The Pig" "About Killing The Pig"

"About Killing The Pig"

'In early June men enter the piggery and tie up the pigs' muzzles. When the animals are taken outside to be slaughtered, they may see the sky and the things of the world'.  These are the opening words of Simone Massi’s film, which is a poem compelling reflection on how animals are treated by humans. Instead of an accusatory cry, it offers an intriguing and visually sophisticated animation, using the change of scale, in black and white with the elements of red. Excellent music complements the atmosphere.


Country: Intaly, 2011
Runtime: 6'
Genre: Animation

Directed by: Simone Massi
Written by: Simone Massi
Cinematography by: Julia Gromskaya
Music by: Stefano Sasso
Editting by: Simone Massi
Produced by: Simone Massi

Date: 2011

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