31. 05, 13.30 – 14.30



Music in documentary film: expectations vs. ambitions


Characters and authenticity are most important in a documentary. Does it mean there is no need for original score? Or maybe the opposite is true – the role of music is even more important as it increases the level of credibility and arouses emotions? And what about poetic documentary in which form is as important as its content? And what about music documentary? When can a composer help a filmmaker and when is it better to leave the film with picture and sound only? We will talk about these and many other problems during the panel discussion of the Krakow Film Festival and the Film Music Festival “Music in documentary film: expectations vs. ambitions”.

The guests invited to the discussion are: Petro Aleksowski and Michał Jacaszek (director and composer of the film “Aborted Mission”, presented in the Polish Panorama section of 58th Krakow FF) and Marta Prus, Maciej Kubicki and Mikołaj Stroiński (director, producer and composer of the film “Over the Limit”, presented in the National Competition and International Documentary Film Competition of 58th Krakow FF)

Host: Dagmara Romanowska

Organized in co-operation of Krakow Film Festival and Film Music Festival in Krakow.