30.05, 15.00 – 16.00

MOS 2 (open to the public)


During the master class Sergei Loznitsa will talk about his style of work which oscillates between documentary and feature movie directing. Since he managed to accomplish balance and integrity in different genres, he will tell participants how to use right means, such as minimalized editing, static and long takes or non-creative, diegetic soundtrack, in order to obtain an authentic image. Apparent will be a general discussion about status of the director and his invisible inherence in created art piece. In the contex of documentary filmmaking, Loznitsa will explain reasonable use of archival footage, as well as one’s own life experiences. The Dragon of Dragons winner will also present fragments from some of his movies.



Prominent director of feature, documentary and short films. He was born in 1964 in Baranavichy, USSR (now Belarus). After specializing in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence issues in Kiev, he decided to study film direction at VGIK in Moscow. Loznitsa has made 20 movies of various forms and types, which include KFF awarded documentary Today We Are Going to Build a House, Blockade – made of archival footage – and Cannes awarded feature In the Fog (FIPRESCI). He is known and valued for his minimalistic style, observational narration and stylistic integrity.