We begin volunteers recruitment. Help us create the next edition of the Festival.

54th Krakow Film Festival starts in two and a half month. Each edition of the festival cannot do without support of the Volunteers who are committed and ready to face every challenge.

The KFF Volunteers will work, among others, at the reception of the festival, in the cinemas, in the promotion department, in the press office and the festival newspaper, the accompanying events department, in the Industry Zone and in many other fields indispensable for the festival.

If you want to co-operate with the oldest Polish film festival, volunteer!

How to do it?

1. Fill in the form and send it.
2. Wait until the e-mail with our reply comes.
3. Come to the introductory meeting.
4. Work with us!

The deadline for the applications is 14 April 2014.

Join the volunteers of 54th KFF on Facebook. We want you!