20th jubilee of Music Video Night

20th jubilee of the Janek Chołoniewski’s Music Video Night on Krakow Film Festiwal

Friday, June 3, 23:00 Kino Kijów, 150′ | tickets apply

To celebrate the 20th jubilee of the Music Video Night, its long-standing curator Jan Chołoniewski has invited special guests. During the screening, we will see and hear a selection by Sylwia Chutnik who referred to it as follows: ‘feisty clips made without a budget or quite the contrary. This music is important to me, as it has a message and a mission. It is feminist, anti-capitalist and emphasises human rights’. Other special guests, Teoniki Rożynek and Filip Bojarski, picked ‘such images that will make you perceive architecture, nature, passing people, your relationships and, finally, the inside of your mind in a different way when you leave the Kijów cinema through the side exit and go your separate ways, in pairs, groups or alone’. The third set is a selection by Alessandro Battaglini, the deputy director of the Turin-based Seeyousound festival, and all is tied together by Jan Chołoniewski.

Music videos has always been for me a window to reflect about the world and the reality around us. A specific register able to describe the world without words but just with the power of images and the sound of music. The question if music videos are the right format to do that has focus my attention and lead my research throughout the last years and those clips are partly a result of it opening you a window on: social relationship, new possible realities, far lands, artificial intelligences, dreams. A stream of consciousness made by images which hopefully will impact your mind and soul as powerfully as they did with me.
Alessandro Battaglini

  • Lins/Kulka/Furtak/Roma/Grosiak/Kasai – “Wojna nigdy nie jest daleko”, dir. Jagoda Szelc
Sylwia Chutnik:
  • Molchat Doma – “Sudno”, dir. blood doves
  • ZŁE OkO – “Xenos”, dir. Katarzyna Mateja i Joanna Olichwer / KIJ
  • R.U.T.A – “Mama Anarchija”, dir. AS Kolektyff
  • Pochwalone – “Dzieweczka”, dir. Marta Zabłocka
  • EL Banda – “Wściekły Szpaler,” dir. Anna Płażewska, Eliza Kos
  • Super Girl & Romantic Boys – “Spokój”, dir. Radosław Polak i Mikołaj Długosz
  • Ms. Obsession, Zagi, Wdowa – “#mojeciało”, dir. Sonia Egner i Zysu
  • Prezydentka – “Di Libe brent wi a nase Szmate”, dir. Marta Nawrot, Jagoda Wójtowicz, Kamil Tuszyński, Maja Luxenberg
Teoniki Rożynek and Filip Bojarski:
  • Elton John, Dua Lipa – “Cold Heart”, dir. Raman Djafari
  • Husky – “Revash”, dir. Lado Kvataniya
  • Molok0 – “Sal”, dir. MUMU
  • A$AP Ferg ft Pharrell Williams – “Green Juice”, dir. Valentin Petit
  • Little Simz – “Point And Kill” feat. Obongjayar, dir. Ebeneza Blanche
  • Clipping – “Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday”, dir. C Prinz
  • FKA twigs – “Sad day”, dir. Hiro Murai
  • Ceri – “Solo Insieme”, dir. Giada Bossi
Alessandro Battaglini:
  • Data feat Benny Sings – “Don’t Sing”, dir. David Bertram
  • James Massiah – “Natural Born Killers”, dir. Ian Pons Jewell
  • George Fitzgerald feat. Boxed In – “Full Circle”, dir. Alan Masferrer
  • Maria Peszek feat. Oskar83 – “Barbarka”, dir. Grajper
  • Apparat – “Song of Los”, dir. Saman Keshavarz
  • Jamie XX – “Gosh”, dir. Romain Gavras
  • La iaia – “L’os”, dir. Marc Oller
  • Agar Agar – “Fangs out”, dir. William Labory
  • Broken Bells – “Good Luck”, dir. Kimberly Stuckwisch & Nelson De Castro
Jan Chołoniewski:
  • Mentis – “Excuses” ft. Kate Wild, dir. Eoin Glaister
  • KNLO – “ÇA APPELLE” ft. Alaclair Ensemble, dir. Le GED
  • DeLaurentis – “Unica’s cloud”, dir. AB/CD/CD
  • Martin Gore – “Howler”, dir. NYSU
  • Half Moon Run – “It’s True”, dir. Michał Biegański
  • Alt-j – “The Actor”, dir. Saskia Dixie
  • Jeshi – “3210”, dir. Will Dohrn
  • Jasper Tygner – “That’s Too Slow”, dir. Charlie Robins