Silent Film Festival at KFF

Screening of Khlib, dir. Mykola Shpykovskyi, with live music by the Chvost duo

28.05.2023, 18:00
MOS 1 – Małopolski Ogród Sztuki

Mykola Shpykovskyi’s Khlib, a little known Ukrainian silent film made for propaganda purposes, is hypnotising because of its avantgarde production method. Formally, it was

ahead of its time turning a rural story into an epic poem. The film score will be performed live by the Chvost duo made of vocalist Paulina Bisztyga and producer Paweł Pruski. In this joint project, the artists are trying to find new space for forgotten folk songs. Bitter lyrics, once contrasted with joyful melodies, receive a new life thanks to their efforts.

Chleb (Khlib), dir. Mykola Shpykovskyi, 1929, 44’

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Ukrainian, Polish and English language.

Partner: Fundacja Dla Kina, Silent Film Festival in Krakow