The Tenement House – Extended reality (XR) exhibition

The Tenement House – Extended reality (XR) exhibition.
Author and curator: Wiola Sowa

30.05.2023, 18:00 opening
Galeria MCSG, Rynek Główny 29

The exhibition presents the effects of Wiola Sowa’s experiments with animated drawings in augmented reality and virtual reality. The Tenement House is a cinematic VR 3DoF which tells a story of the residents of a tenement house. Her other works, Inside the Drawing and Presence RGB, are augmented reality projects showing the experience of combining a drawing and a space installation which can be penetrated in several dimensions. In both of them, the digital dimension permeates reality. Common elements of all the projects include human relationships, non-verbal communication and the way they influence the emotions of the viewer or participant of the experience.

Partner: The City of Kraków, International Print Triennial Society in Cracow.

31.05 – 3.06 | 12:00 – 18:00
Free admission