CONFERENCE: Focus on Finland

29.05, 9.45-11.15 (KPT – Krakow Technology Park)
(access with passes: INDUSTRY, MEDIA, MARKET)

Panel discussions on Finland film industry followed by coproduction meetings. The conference promoting Finnish documentary and animated cinematography is a highlight of the “Focus on Finland” programme. Among our guests, we will have representatives of Finnish film industry – film funds, TV representatives, festival programmers, film schools, producers and filmmakers.





Panellists: Erkko Lyytinen (Yle – The Finnish Broadcasting Company) Sari Volanen (Yle – The Finnish
Broadcasting Company), Suvi Paavola (Finnish Film Foundation), Piia Nokelainen (Finnish Film Foundation),
Pekka Uotila (Finnish Film Foundation), Niklas Kullström (Hillstream Pictures)

Moderator: Jukka‑Pekka Laakso (Tampere Film Festival)

11.30 – 19.00 – Doc Lab Poland Co-production Market

.This event will be held in English.

IMPORTANT! A  shuttle bus departure  to the Krakow Technology Park (KPT) is  on Wednesday, May 29th,at 8.50 (from the car park in front of Auditorium Maximum, 33 Krupnicza Street). Return from KPT to MOS at 19.00.

All persons wishing to take part in the Conference and the Market are kindly requested to send email  to Małgorzata Kramek at the address: [email protected]

Partner of the Focus on Finland conference is Krakow Technology Park.


Erkko Lyytinen – 45, is currently working as commissioning editor in Yle – The Finnish Broadcasting Company, focusing on domestic and international feature length creative documentary films. During his early years at Yle, Mr Lyytinen has also produced several television series and documentary films. Before career in Yle, Lyytinen acted as the Artistic Director of DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and independent documentary film director.

Sari Volanen – is a commissioning editor for short and documentary films at Yle (Finnish Broadcasting company).  She started her career in television over 30 years ago. Currently she works at YLE’s Co-production department producing films mainly with Finnish independent film makers and producers. She is in charge of the short and doc film strand called New Cinema on YLE Teema channel. Along with studies of film in Finland, she has participated EAVE –training in 1999, Eurodoc 2006 and Sources2 – Documentary Mentor training 2008. She has a master’s degree in art.

Suvi Paavola is the Advisor for the International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films at the Finnish Film Foundation. She is responsible for the festival distribution and international promotion of Finnish feature documentary films and their cultural export support schemes. The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by funding professional film production and the exhibition and distribution of films. The Foundation is also responsible for the cultural export of Finnish film and provides support for the international promotion of Finnish films. The Finnish Film Foundation was founded in 1969 and receives its funding through the Ministry of Education and Culture from lottery and pools funds allocated for promoting film art.

Piia Nokelainen is currently working as a film commiossioner at the Finnish Film Foundation, responsible for development and production support for short films, documentary films and television series with episodes under 22 minutes as well as scriptwriting grants and marketing and distribution support for documentary films and the marketing and distribution support for short films. She has a wide range of experience from working in the film industry for almost 20 years. Piia has worked with commercials, television productions, film marketing and distribution, and film productions of shorts, features and documentaries. In recent years she mainly worked as a producer and line-producer.

Pekka Uotila has been working as a Film Commissioner for four years with one more to go in this role. His career in the film industry began as a cinematographer in the eighties and he has worked with all kinds of visual storytelling, shorts, documentaries, tv-series and feature films. He has also directed documentary films and taught in various Finnish film schools. He feels that film as an art form is about handcrafting emotions, made by humans for humans. The goal is to touch, to see with fresh eyes, to create questions, and to spread knowledge and understanding. Sometimes life feels better after seeing a good film and he’s trying to make that possible over and over again for us.

Niklas Kullström is a Finnish filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, editor and media artist. His latest work is the feature documentary Eastern Memories, which he produced and co‑directed. It premiered in 2018 and has been to numerous international festivals winning several awards. In 2016 he produced the The Dijon‑Story, directed by Mikko Myllylahti. He had a long‑term collaboration with Serbian director Boris Mitić on his documentary feature In Praise of Nothing, which premiered at Locarno 2017.


Jukka-Pekka Laakso is the festival director of Tampere Film Festival since 2002. As a festival director he shares the responsibility to strategic planning and programming with the co-director of the festival. He has been a member of more than 50 juries at different film festivals. Jukka-Pekka Laakso acts also as the executive director for  Pirkanmaa Film Centre  a local film centre in Tampere that runs an art-house cinema, distributes films in Finland  and works extensively with media education. Jukka-Pekka Laakso is a member of European Film Academy.