Animated in Poland – Talent Market

1.06 / 15.30 – 17.00 CEST

Access with passes: Industry, Industry Pro, Media

Talent Market is a unique opportunity for people from the animation industry, as well as for students and graduates of art schools who are about to launch their career. Creators looking for producers for their projects will have a chance to meet representatives of 5 animation studios and present to them their projects and portfolios. Talent Market is divided into two parts: presentation of animation studios and their newest productions, followed by the one-on-one meetings with participants who can show their work in progress projects and portfolios to the producers.

The partner of the event is Polish Animation Producers Association. Talent Market is a part of the Animated in Poland – the industry section of the Krakow Film Festival dedicated to the Polish animation industry.

The list of producers to present their companies:

ANIMOON / Zofia Jaroszuk

Animoon is a production company for animated series, short and full-length films, awarded over 60 times. We specialize in developments of animated projects and create animated brands. We produce projects of high artistic and narrative quality, mainly based on original ideas. Animoon collaborates with executive producers when producing and developing projects, shifting through different techniques and styles and independently bringing together talented teams depending on the project.

EGoFILM / Marta Trzmiel / Monika Krążyńska

Animation studio based in Warsaw. Studio’s main field of work is production of animated movies, shorts and TV series for children. One of the key elements of the EGoFILM is the high artistic merit and educational value. Studio’s main goal is to introduce new forms of animated cinema, which draws on traditions of school of Polish animation. EGoFILM is a good team which combines the experience with the freshness of creative ideas. We support artistic debutes. EgoFILM concentrates its actions on realisation of animated films for children in cooperation with Polish artists as well as European authors. 

LETKO / Piotr Szczepanowicz / Jakub Karwowski

Letko is a 2D animation studio specialised in development and production of animated projects, especially as international co-productions. It was founded to establish a unique team devoted to emotional storytelling and technical creativity. We are currently getting ready for a production of a preschool TV series Odo. Recently we co-produced three feature projects: Moomins and the Winter Wonderland (2017), Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs (2019), Kill it and leave this town (2020).

PIGEON / Mateusz Kowalczyk

Pigeon is an animation studio specialized in 2D technic, but mainly it is a creative team which uses great storytelling to produce promotional / educational videos and animated series for kids. Since 2013 Pigeon develops projects independently and also as a co-producer with other studios from Poland and abroad.

WJTEAM / LIKAON/ Wojciech Leszczyński

A production company associating a group of artists and professionals from the animated film industry. Its activity focuses on animated films. WJTeam pursues international co-productions and commercial jobs, including making promo films, music videos, scenography and props building, as well as creating mockups.