31.05, 10.00 – 13.00

MOS 1 (access with passes: INDUSTRY, MEDIA, MARKET, STUDENT)


 31.05, 14.30 – 18.00

MOS 5 (for participants only)

A presentation of recent Polish documentary projects at the postproduction stage preceded by intensive workshop Doc Lab Poland: Doc Lab Go. Its purpose is to find potential distributor, sales agent, buyer and perfect place for festival premiere and other screenings.


The Antarctic Syndrome, dir. Piotr Jaworski, prod. Janusz Skałkowski, Kamil Skałkowski / KALEJDOSKOP FILM

The forgotten, pioneering experiment of psychologist Dr. Terelak, who studied limits of human psyche under the conditions of the Antarctic isolation.

Butterfly Child Effect, dir. Jarosław Szmidt, prod. Kamil Przełęcki / CINEO STUDIO

A story about exceptional strength and hope, thousands of people, joined by empathy and the need to save the little „Butterfly” child – the 7-year-old Zuzia suffering from skin disease.

Dance with Me, Dad, dir. Małgorzata Goździk, prod. Joanna Zielińska, Magdalena Puzmujźniak / BIG WAVE FILMS

In a need to change a distant relationship with a grumpy dad, an adult daughter invites him to take a Lindy Hop dancing course together. She gets her dad out of his comfort zone.

Herbert, Despite Everything!, dir. Rafael Lewandowski, prod. Maria Blicharska / DONTEN & LACROIX FILMS

Herbert was not only a poet: he embodied opposition against the communism and moral authority, defending values deep-rooted in the European Culture. He was also a human who faced extreme emotions.

In Volta, dir. Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzała, prod. Agnieszka Wasiak / LAVA FILMS

Vaulting is like the circle of life – when you are little you can just fly but when you grow up you must start to carry. A portrait of different stages of womanhood.

No Hero at All, dir. Michał Kawecki, prod. Maria Siniarska / UNLIMITED FILM OPERATIONS

A sometimes darkly comical documentary tale about an unusual sportsman whose toxic relationship with his family is more of an obstacle in his pursuit of Olympic gold than his lack of arms and legs.

The Pawnshop, dir. Łukasz Kowalski, prod. Łukasz Kowalski, Anna Mazerant / 4.30 STUDIO

A couple of eccentric businesspeople runs the biggest pawn shop in Silesia. When their finances collapse and love begins to die, they set out to fight their hardest life battle.

Sonny, dir. Paweł Chorzępa, prod. Dominika Mandla, Joanna Dobrzańska / MUNK STUDIO

An 18-year-old boy, after leaving the orphanage, comes back to his father to start a fight for a new, happy life.

Underage Astronaut, dir. Aleksandra Skowron, Mirosław Skowron, prod. Mirosław Skowron / MEDIOLIA

It’s a film about a girl who lost her home and her friends and tried to find it all during an adventure that brought her to a moon base.

Zlota, dir. Tomasz Knittel, prod. Tomasz Knittel, Maciej Puczyński / STRIKTFILM, OMPRODUCTIONS

Austere, intimate portrait of the society of the community of neighbors. „Zlota” is a story about looking for your own place and painful study of the relationship.