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29.05 – 30.05 / 10.00 – 19.00 WBP MOS 3 MOS 5

DOC LAB POLAND – the biggest Polish pitching and consultation program for professional documentary filmmakers. The program is divided into two parts: DOC LAB START, for projects in development or at initial shooting stage, and DOC LAB GO, for projects at the editing stage and with first cuts ready. DLP is created by The Władysław Ślesicki Film Foundation, in association with the Krakow Film Festival and in cooperation with DOK Leipzig and European Documentary Network – representatives of these institutions participate in both parts, evaluating the submitted projects and providing consulting for the selected ones. The program is aimed at Polish filmmakers who wish to consult their projects or edit versions with the support of other artists and consultants (renown filmmakers from Poland and abroad) in the search for new solutions and want to present their films to an international group of producers, distributors, representatives of institutions supporting film production, film co financing institutions, major film festival selectors, TV commissioning editors, and others.

The key events of DOC LAB POLAND are DOCS TO START and DOCS TO GO! pitching sessions held at the Krakow Film Festival. DOCS TO START is a presentation of Polish projects in development stage followed by co-production forum: one to one meetings with international decision-makers, and producers who are open to cooperation with Poland. DOCS TO GO! initiated and co organized by Polish Film Institute since 2012 is a presentation of Polish documentary rough cuts followed by meetings with buyers and programmers.


Leena Pasanen – Director of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig). Previously director of the Finnagora cultural institute at the Finnish Embassy in Budapest. At the Finnish public broadcaster YLE, where she was responsible for documentaries on YLE 1 and later led the cultural and documentary programming division of the special‐interest channel YLE Teema. From 2005 to 2008 Leena Pasanen was the Director of European Documentary Network.

Paul Pauwels – Currently: managing Director for the Belgium consulting company Congoo bvba. Has been the director of European Documentary Network (EDN) for  the past six years. Paul Pauwels has a long track record of working with international documentary co‐productions from both a commissioning and production point of view. He has been the managing director of the media academy ETMA in France, commissioning editor for the Belgium public service broadcaster VRT/Canvas and has almost 35 years of experience with producing documentaries for the national and international market. He has been a tutor, moderator and expert at many European workshops and seminars, and one of the first Chairmen of EDN. Teaches Production at the Luca School of Arts in Genk, Belgium.

Daniel Saltzwedel – He is a funding advisor for the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg film and New Media fund working on Film and High End Series. Daniel was a partner at Dox- Consulting with Liselot Verbrugge and Peter Jäger advising international documentary productions and working as a trainer and strategist. Previous stations include content development at Filmproduktion, working as a documentary expert at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and positions as a producer and manager at Zero Film (zero fiction/zero one). Daniel teaches financing and dramaturgy at the Film University Babelsberg and enjoys moderating public events. He has received formal training studying Business, Cultural Studies and Philosophy in Germany and Wales.

Rada Šešić – Filmmaker, lecturer, film critic and festival programmer. She is specialized in South Asian (lived in India for some time) and Eastern European cinema. She is on selection comity of IDFA and program advisor of IFFR, on the selection of Hubert Bals Fund as well as IDFA Bertha Fund. At Sarajevo Film Festival, Rada heads the Documentary competition and co‐heads Docu Rough Cut Boutique. Teaches at the Master of film at the NFTA Amsterdam. Artistic director of the festival Eastern Neighbours in The Hague. Directed four award-winning shorts and documentaries in the Netherlands and several in Sarajevo where she lived before.

Debra Zimmerman – She has been the Executive Director of Women Make Movies since 1983. For 11 of the last 12 years films from WMM have won or been nominated for Oscars. She is in great demand around the world as a speaker on independent film distribution, marketing and financing. She is a member of numerous Advisory Boards for many media organizations, a jury member for many international film festivals, and regularly sits on foundation and government funding panels. She is the recipient of New York Women in Film and Television’s Loreen Arbus Award and the Hot Doc’s Doc Mogul Award, given to those who ‘over the course of their career has made an essential contribution to the creative vitality of the documentary industry, both in his or her country or abroad’

with the financial support of:

Projects admitted to DOC LAB START:


dir. Barłtomiej Żmuda, prod. Marta Pielasz, Paweł Jóźwiak Rodan; Projekcja Identyfikacja

Rodan – the most famous Polish atheist, decided to prove that miraculous healings do not exist.


dir. and prod. Aneta Nowicka

Film talks about rituals of daily life of Anna and few other women who, working physically in

polish coal – mines, sacrificed their femininity and themselves.


dir. Jan Szewczyk and Katarzyna Hertz, prod. Jan Szewczyk

The autistic teenage boy named Dan, who lives in the heart of the last primeval forest in Europe, learns how to express himself through the language of film to tell the story of his exceptional bond with the wild nature.

ID. Faces of Agata.
dir. Małgorzata Kozera, prod. Małgorzata Kozera; DocIT

In a life of a young girl lethal disease turns out to be a redeem and fulfills her dreams. A film about struggle, survival and art.


dir. Michał Helwak, prod. Paweł Pluciński; Fundacja Przasnyska

A progressive democrat with Polish roots searches for her successor as the mayor among the Muslims dominating in the once Polish community of an American town.


dir. Rafał Łysak, prod. Wonder Woman Production Natalia Bednarska

Paweł, an unusual street musician, is looking for the reincarnation of his mother. What are his real motivations? Does he want to tell her something else, prove or make sure he did not lose her forever?


dir. Marcin Koszałka, prod. Marta Szarzyńska; Szarobiuro

The world first learned of Aneta from a 2016 Grand Press Photo of her, a 33-year-old journalist, bald, naked, with a cigarette dangling from her vibrant red mouth. Who was this striking, sick girl? During a Newsweek interview, she was blunt: “I have a very rare type of cancer, incurable, very much advanced. I’m dying.”


dir. Aneta Ptak, prod. Małgorzata Staroń; Staron-Film

After the sudden death of cinematographer Krzysztof Ptak, his daughter runs conversations with family and filmmakers, with whom he has been friends over the years, in search of traces of her father’s life.


dir. and prod. Tomek Wysokiński

In South Africa every hour a child gets lost. ‚I will try’ is a story of Jerry, insurgent and one of the most unlikely young heroes of apartheid who is looking for a baby stolen from slums of Kliptown in Soweto.

dir. Bartosz Paduch, prod. Maciek Ostatek, Kacper Jaroszyński; The W To Mi Graj Foundation

In 1998, a couple of friend from the same block recorded an album. It achieved a cult status and the guys became icons of Polish rap. Today they perform solo. Will they be able to unite again to play a concert on the twentieth anniversary of the recording of the album?


dir. Marta Kasztelan, prod. Marta Kasztelan; TURREN

Young Cambodians search for the fathers who abandoned them, and in the process discover the ugly secret behind one of the biggest peacekeeping missions in UN history. Their country is no longer at war, but can they find peace for themselves?


dir. Tomer Slutzky, co-dir. Justyna Gawełko, prod. Shlomo Slutzky; Slutzky Productions

Film deals with a small group of people in Krnov, Czechia, that are trying unsuccessfully to convert to Judaism for the last 8 years. Surprisingly, the path is finished by what is perceived by Jewish authorities as a “black Beit Din” (Rabbinical Court). Consequences are about to come.

Projects admitted to DOC LAB GO:

The Antarctic Syndrome, dir. Piotr Jaworski, prod. Janusz Skałkowski, Kamil Skałkowski / KALEJDOSKOP FILM

The forgotten, pioneering experiment of psychologist Dr. Terelak, who studied limits of human psyche under the conditions of the Antarctic isolation.

Butterfly Child Effect, dir. Jarosław Szmidt, prod. Kamil Przełęcki / CINEO STUDIO

A story about exceptional strength and hope, thousands of people, joined by empathy and the need to save the little „Butterfly” child – the 7-year-old Zuzia suffering from skin disease.

Dance with Me, Dad, dir. Małgorzata Goździk, prod. Joanna Zielińska, Magdalena Puzmujźniak / BIG WAVE FILMS

In a need to change a distant relationship with a grumpy dad, an adult daughter invites him to take a Lindy Hop dancing course together. She gets her dad out of his comfort zone.

Herbert, Despite Everything!, dir. Rafael Lewandowski, prod. Maria Blicharska / DONTEN & LACROIX FILMS

Herbert was not only a poet: he embodied opposition against the communism and moral authority, defending values deep-rooted in the European Culture. He was also a human who faced extreme emotions.

In Volta, dir. Monika Kotecka, Karolina Poryzała, prod. Agnieszka Wasiak / LAVA FILMS

Vaulting is like the circle of life – when you are little you can just fly but when you grow up you must start to carry. A portrait of different stages of womanhood.

No Hero at All, dir. Michał Kawecki, prod. Maria Siniarska / UNLIMITED FILM OPERATIONS

A sometimes darkly comical documentary tale about an unusual sportsman whose toxic relationship with his family is more of an obstacle in his pursuit of Olympic gold than his lack of arms and legs.

The Pawnshop, dir. Łukasz Kowalski, prod. Łukasz Kowalski, Anna Mazerant / 4.30 STUDIO

A couple of eccentric businesspeople runs the biggest pawn shop in Silesia. When their finances collapse and love begins to die, they set out to fight their hardest life battle.

Sonny, dir. Paweł Chorzępa, prod. Dominika Mandla, Joanna Dobrzańska / MUNK STUDIO

An 18-year-old boy, after leaving the orphanage, comes back to his father to start a fight for a new, happy life.

Underage Astronaut, dir. Aleksandra Skowron, Mirosław Skowron, prod. Mirosław Skowron / MEDIOLIA

It’s a film about a girl who lost her home and her friends and tried to find it all during an adventure that brought her to a moon base.

Zlota, dir. Tomasz Knittel, prod. Tomasz Knittel, Maciej Puczyński / STRIKTFILM, OMPRODUCTIONS

Austere, intimate portrait of the society of the community of neighbors. „Zlota” is a story about looking for your own place and painful study of the relationship.

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