Focus on Norway

1.06, 11.00 – 12.00 CEST

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Panel discussion focused on financing and co-production possibilities with Norway and panorama of Norwegian international film festivals.. Among our guests, we will have representatives of Norwegian film industry – The Norwegian Film Institute and film festival programmers.

Moderated by Truls Lie


Ravn Wikhaug, Norwegian Film Institute

The Norwegian Film Institute operates under the authority of the Ministry of Culture as their executive body in the film sector and advisor on film policy issues. Our annual budget amounts to NOK 625 million (EUR 66 million) available for film development, production, promotion and distribution support. NFI employs 87 people and have offices in Oslo and Bergen.

Lisa Therese Hoen, Tromsø  International Film Festival

Norway’s largest festival presents a cutting‑edge international program. Located north of the Arctic Circle and arranged at the end of the polar night, the event draws household names from the international film community to Tromsø every year. Sidebars include a special focus on Russia and neighbouring countries. ‘Films from the North’ presents films from Arctic regions. The festival is also involved in several year‑round activities to promote quality cinema, including Tromsø  Children’s Film Festival (September), and the daily running of Verdensteatret Cinema.

Ketil Magnussen, Human International Documentary Film Festival

Human IDFF is Oslo’s largest documentary film festival. The 2021 festival was the 13th edition. It has two competition programs; Best Norwegian documentary film and Best International Human Rights Film. In addition there is a broad international program of films outside of competition. The festival also includes theatre, concerts, performances, art exhibitions and a large number of talks and debates about current issues. We put a lot of effort into giving the topics of the films a good space for further reflection. We work with more than 50 partner organisations to plan and execute our debate program. Among these are civil society organisations, universities and other relevant institutions.

Paul Rene Roestad, Nordic / Docs

Nordic/Docs documentary film festival is initiated and run by Norwegian documentary filmmakers. Established in 2012, the festival screens around 80 Nordic and international films, in addition to arranging a number of educational master‑classes, seminars and focus on exchange of knowledge and experience. Nordic/Docs has strong focus on networking, not least between young filmmakers and film students and more experienced filmmakers and financing institutions, but also facilitating national and international collaboration and new partnerships. We expect between 7000 and 8000 physical and on‑line visitors in 2021. The main festival dates for 2021 is November 9–14.

Per Fikse, Minimalen Short Film Festival

Minimalen Short Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway Minimalen is an annual, independent short film event, covering new productions from all over the world as well as focus programmes and retrospectives. The festival’s main artistic objective is to discover and promote new ways to use the film as a medium. In our view, each film should ideally have its own fingerprint. This often means independent productions with a free spirit attitude to filmmaking and an emphasis on images and film language more than words. The 34th Minimalen is due January 11–16, 2022. Open for submissions until October 1.

Signe Byrge Sørensen is a two-time Oscar® nominee for producing The Act of Killing in 2014 and The Look of Silence in 2016. She was nominated for the Producer’s Guild Award in 2016 for The Look of Silence. She won Cinema Eye awards for the production of both these films. Signe Byrge Sørensen has been a producer since 1998. She began in SPOR Media in 1998, moved to Final Cut Productions ApS in 2004 and co-founded Final Cut for Real ApS in 2009. She has produced documentaries in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia and Argentina, besides Denmark and Sweden. While at SPOR Media she was the Danish co-producer for Steps for the future. She holds an MA in International Development Studies and Communication Studies from Roskilde University, Denmark, 1998 (1st).

Truls Lie – moderator, Modern Times Review

Modern Times Review is the European documentary printed magazine and web publication covering the world of non-fiction – with critical independent articles. As non-commercial we are working with key European documentary festivals (magazines on-site for audiences). We are printed three times annually – sent to our subscribers – and publish new content weekly online. Our archive has now more than 2000 reviews or articles (also some non-fiction books).
Truls Lie is the editor-in-chief. With content provided by our ten European critics, well known to the European film community, our editorial line is threefold: International conflictscontrol (power, surveillance, finance, big tech), and deeper ecological/existential issues.