How to Attend KFF Industry Online

Pitchings and one-on-one meetings will be held online via Zoom. We find it user friendly and intuitive communicator, so hopefully you’ll get along in no time! We’ll be successively sending out links to the specific events. Some of you will receive links from us to participate in the events through Zoom, while other accredited guests will be able to watch events on the YouTube platform. You will be able to access those events via our website HERE.

Please follow the instructions below to make everything run smoothly!


  • prepare a good internet connection (it’s helpful to take a speed test beforehand; if you face issues, turn off unnecessarily running programs)
  • use computer or tablet rather than your phone
  • choose bright enough place and try not to sit with your back to the window


  • create your description in ZOOM using your full name and surname unless directed differently by the event coordinator (click on “Participants” in the bottom menu, move your cursor to you name and choose “Rename” option which will appear)
  • choose mute option in the bottom left corner in order not to interrupt the moderator


  • download the ZOOM application for free HERE
  • follow instructions communicated by the host at the beginning of the meeting
  • use headphones and microphone to minimalize ambient noise and highlight your voice as you speak
  • to share your screen click on “Share Screen” button in the middle of the bottom menu and pick the desired window. To share videos with sound, remember to choose “Share computer sound” in the bottom left corner of basic share screen settings.
  • during one-one-one meetings, please obey time restrictions to help the event run smoothly. Thank you!

See you soon!