B2B Doc Launch Pad Pitching

4.06, 9.30 – 13.00 – public presentations – AULA ASP
4.06, 15.00 – 18.00 – one-on-one meetings – MOS 4

Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network in cooperation with the Krakow Film Festival industry arranges the pitching of the specially curated 14 documentary film projects from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan that will be presented to the panel of international decision-makers: established European film producers, film funds and institutions, TV commissioners, film festival programmers, distruíbutors and sales agents. The pitching will be followed by one-on-one meetings.

Launch Pad pitching is the B2B Doc flagship event, normally held in Kyiv, Ukraine. Even during the harsh pandemic period, B2B Doc managed to bring filmmakers and decision makers from the film industry to meet there in person, not just online.

After the Russian aggression against Ukraine escalated on February 24, it became clear that B2B Doc is forced to move its activities to a safe zone within EU. We are thankful to our colleagues at Krakow FF for finding an opportunity to integrate the B2B Doc Launch Pad pitching into the festival’s industry programme, which is, as always, very extensive and productive.

This time B2B Doc will present 14 documentary film projects from Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. They have all been developed in cooperation with B2B Doc’s tutors for presentation to a panel of decision-makers. Most of them have never been pitched previously; for many of the filmmakers this will be a first serious meeting with the international documentary film market.

In every B2B Doc partner country there are either ongoing wars, occupied territories, or social conflicts. This situation is reflected in the topics chosen by the filmmakers. What will make the Launch Pad event in Krakow special is of course the war in Ukraine. B2B Doc will bring to Krakow Ukrainian filmmakers with highly topical stories, but distinctly different from what we see daily on the news. 

There will also be new, dramatic human stories from Belarus, which should attract the attention of international commissioning editors and decision makers at the B2B Doc pitching. The Belarusian filmmakers have unique, deeply touching working material under development, with the aim of making exclusive feature length documentaries. 

There will also be new, promising documentary projects from the Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan; very intimate and personal stories, with close access to characters, powerful cinematographic language, a typical mixture of humour and pain. And again – every documentary is a distinct reflection of the times we all are living in.  

To evaluate all these film projects, B2B Doc will bring to Krakow a strong panel of decision makers. Firstly, established producers from Europe, who are looking for co-production content. There will be also commissioning editors from various European TV channels, as well as film festival programmers, representatives of international film institutions and funds, distributors and sales agents looking for content from B2B Doc partner countries. B2B Doc has also invited impact producers and representatives from international NGOs, who can benefit from supporting these film projects and collaborate with the filmmakers, help them make social impact with their future films. 

The B2B Doc Launch Pad pitching at Krakow FF aspires to be the most effective co-production industry event for content produced between the Baltic and the Black Sea.