Bitter Love

Sweden, Finland, Poland / 2020 / documentary / 86' / Documentary Film Competition

A cruise along the Volga river may be an opportunity to heal one’s broken heart, experience a romance or repair a failing relationship. A group of Russian men and women, primarily in an advanced age, are taking a rest from daily hardships, enjoying the attractions of the trip and flirting profusely. The film presents a gallery of common and uncommon characters, often with painful experiences, who never cease to hope. With tenderness, the camera captures their big and small dramas rooting for their efforts to find true love.

directed by
Jerzy ŚladkowskiQ&A guest

Born in 1945 in Radom. He is a graduate of the University of Toruń (Classical Studies) and the University of Warsaw (Photography, Radio and TV). He was a reporter, TV producer and director until his departure to Sweden in 1983, since when he has been working as a documentary and feature film director. He cooperates with Nordic national broadcasters, as well as ZDF and ARTE channels. His filmography includes 50 documentaries. He is a laureate of numerous awards including the European Film Award for “Vendetta” (1996), the IDA Award for “Swedish Tango” (1999), the Golden Dove for “Vodka Factory” (2011) and the VPRO IDFA Award for “Don Juan” (2016).

Wojciech Staroń
Jerzy Śladkowski
Timo Hietala
Shamil Ismailov
Jakub Śladkowski
Antonio Russo Merenda (Ginestra Film), Lucyna Kowalska, Dariusz Kowalski (Ragusa Film), Ulla Simonen, Ilona Tolmunen (Made)
Bitter Love