keep shiftin'

Germany / 2019 / documentary / 21' / Short Film Competition

A glass plant in a border region. At night, it is empty and lit up with just a few lamps. It comes to life with the arrival of its first employees. They are well-built, tattooed men from the Czech Republic and Germany. They live in symbiosis, communicate in both languages, conduct rough conversations during breaks, but mostly they are focused on work. Thanks to their strong lungs and muscles, fragile beauty is created in the plant every day.

directed by
Verena WagnerQ&A guest

Born in 1990 in the Bavarian Forest, Germany. She considers herself as a multi-talented person with a great love for arts and handcrafts. Currently, she studies Documentary Film at the University of Television and Film in Munich. Also she works as a theatre director and a yoga teacher. Filmography: “Do weizt's” (2017), “schichteln/keep shiftin'” (2019).

Matthias Kofahl
Verena Wager
Christoph Nicolaus
Jannik Flieger
Ulrike Tortora
Christine Haupt (University Of Television And Film Munich)
keep shiftin'