The Unseen

Iran / 2019 / documentary / 61' / World Stories. World of Women

Prostitution, drug addiction, violence and homelessness are everyday experiences of the protagonists of Behzad Nalbandi’s animated documentary. For these women, meeting the director is a chance for empowerment. They are still young but already disillusioned. The world does not want them, their families are ashamed of them, they have never had friends and their lovers harm them. They are called cardboard box sleepers because cardboard boxes are their home before they end up in a shelter at the outskirts of Iran's capital city. And they simply vanish there, left without adequate support or medical care.

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directed by
Behzad NalbandiQ&A guest

An artist, graphic designer as well as theater actor. Born in 1972 in Tehran. He is graduate of Filmmaking from Tehran Film School. He has already made 4 short films, 4 documentaries and a TV drama. Filmography: ‘Enghab Square’ (short film, 2002), ‘Negative Time’ (short film, 2004), ‘Behind the Glass’ (short documentary, 2005), ‘Small Role Actor’ (short film, 2007), ‘Coming Soon’ (short film, 2009), ‘Kashkool’ (short documentary, 2010), ‘The Morning of Ninth Day’ (short documentary, 2012), ‘Iran Shahr’ (documentary series, 10-part, 2013), ‘Preuve’ (TV drama, 2016), ‘The Unseen’ (anima-doc, 2019).

Behzad Nalbandian
Behzad Nalbandian
animated by
Behzad Nalbandian
Ata Ebtekar
Behzad Nalbandian
Behzad Nalbandian, Mohammad Atebbai (Behzad Nalbandian)
The Unseen