The Netherlands / 2019 / documentary / 24' / Short Film Competition

Three girls tell their stories of taking the most important decision of their lives so far. Their faces shown in close-ups express more than words: pain and the overwhelming burden of responsibility – too heavy for their age and life experience. Poetic micro-impressions accentuate the rhythm of the film, emphasising the petrifying solitude of the protagonists facing a dramatic choice. Even though all of them are convinced that they did the right thing, the experience of abortion will change their lives forever.

directed by
Tessa Louise Pope

Tessa Louise Pope (Amsterdam, 1988) graduated as a documentary director at the Dutch Film Academy. Being the daughter of a psychologist and a filmmaker, Tessa likes to dig deep and ask the right questions to capture people’s true inner stories. With a touch of humor and her ability to create intimacy on set, Tessa directs honest work that feels up-close-and-personal. Filmography: “Overdue” (2019, short), “Echoes of IS” (2017, web series), “My Happy Complicated Family” (2017, short), “The Origin of Trouble” (2016, short).

Myrthe Mosterman
Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Fatih Tura
Maarten Kuit (Hazazah Pictures)