Lift Like a Girl

Egypt, Germany, Denmark2020documentary92'
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A desolate, cluttered square somewhere in the outskirts of Alexandria, is used by teenage Zebiba to practice for the Olympics. Instead of a well-equipped sports hall, it is among dusted containers, rusty pipes and dilapidated ceilings that the girl lifts weights. Her older friends, who are admired champions today, trained in the same conditions. If it had not been for enormous determination, faith in their own exceptional abilities and a demanding trainer, none of them would have had a chance for success. Will Zebiba be able to achieve it, too?

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Mayye Zayed

Film director, producer, cinematographer and editor She was born in 1985 in Egypt. Having earned a degree in Engineering from the University of Alexandria, she obtained a Fulbright scholarship to study Film and Media at Wellesley College and Innovations in Documentary at MIT in the US. She has founded Cléo Media, a film production and distribution studio in Alexandria. In 2016 she made "A Stroll Down Sunflower Lane", an award-winning short film.

Mohamad El-Hadidi
Mayye Zayed
Marian Mentrup
Samir Nabil, Brian Dyrby
Sara Abdallah
Mayye Zayed (Cleo Media)
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