Mom’s Hair

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Lisa lost her hair as a child. When all methods of treatment have failed, her mom decides to create wigs for her daughter, made of her own hair. Soon, the hair donated by her mother becomes more and more of a burden. This animated documentary is a poetic reconstruction of the past in which Lisa had to face not only her own illness but also social rejection. Moreover, it is an impression on the relationship between a mother and a daughter in which love is just a hair’s breadth away from overprotectiveness.

directed by
Alexey Evstigneev

He was born in Russia. He studied Documentary Film at the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) under the tutelage of Viktor Lisakovich and Alexey Geleyn. His student film The Track premiered at Dok Leipzig in 2019 and his next film “The Golden Buttons” won the Silver Dragon at the 60th Krakow Film Festival. “Mom's Hair” is his graduation project.

Alexey Evstigneev
Asya Trush
animated by
Daria Dorofeeva, Alexey Evstigneev
Mark Buloshnikov
Alexey Evstigneev
Angelina Skitovich, Nickolay Romanyuk (AVVA-film)
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