In the Dark

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In the middle of the night in Southern Iran a family calls a doctor to an emergency case of pneumonia. Men do not explain much, but the doctor, who has already worked for them, seems to be prepared. In the Dark is a harsh picture of oppression and enslavement in patriarchal society, where tradition determines life and death with the silent support of the system under the cover of darkness and the correct stamp will suffice. Minimalist cinematographic means and the simplicity of narration emphasise the message of the film, its horror and the ruthlessness of the entire situation. These 12 minutes are impossible to forget.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Mehdi Zarei

He was born in Shiraz, Iran. He graduated from the Shiraz Art University in 2006 and developed his cinematic interests attending two-year film courses under the tutelage of Abbas Kiarostami. His films have been screened and awarded at various festivals. “In the Dark” was made in 2020 on the basis of a short story by Samad Taheri.

Amin Bagheri
Mehdi Zarei
Ahmad Akbarpoor, Samad Taheri, Sasan Kaveh, Sharareh Mowla, Shahbaz Abbasi, Sharareh Mansoorabadi, Ehsan Mohseni, Foroogh Bahrami
Sasan Bakhsheshi
Pooyan Sholewar
Mehdi Zarei
Kadr z filmu In the Dark