Hands of God

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Free admission, limited number of seats. With trembling hands, old Csángáló is putting his violin into the case. For many years he had been a master of this instrument in the Romani Szászcsávás Band, but because of Parkinson’s disease he was dismissed from the group. For, Dumnezeu, the band leader, it was not an easy decision. It could have been withdrawn if Csángáló had undergone a brain surgery. But he prefers to pass his bow on to his grandson, who can successfully continue the family tradition, and wait for a miracle.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Barna László

Film director and producer. He studied at the Sapientia University in Cluj, where he made over 10 short and documentary films. He has taken part in the Dunaversitas documentary masterclass in Budapest and in three film workshops. Over several months he was studying at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. “Hands of God” is his first feature documentary.

Barna László
Agnes Sós, András Petróczy Jr.
Milán Hodován
Szabolcs Kővári, András Petróczy Jr.
Agnes Sós (DokuArt BT)
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