Mieczysław Jahoda. Wizard from Krakow

Poland2022documentary54'Panorama polskiego dokumentu (2023)

Mieczysław Jahoda, a cameraman and pioneer of photographic techniques, was a champion of mood creation. The film is a reminiscence about the author of such Polish classics as "Knights of the Teutonic Order", "The Manuscript Found in Saragossa" or "How Far, How Near". Dressed in a red corduroy jacket, Jahoda distinguished himself against the backdrop of the grey Polish reality of his time. His filming style was unique, too. Jahoda introduced new cinematic techniques to the screen, such as shooting in the Cinemascope lens system and the Eastmancolor film stock made by Kodak. A master of new aesthetics in Polish cinema, he is remembered by a broad range of film artists and critics.

directed by
Wiktor Skrzynecki, portret reżysera
Wiktor Skrzynecki

Tomasz Samosionek, Jacek Knopp
Wiktor Skrzynecki
Paweł Prochnowski
Agnieszka Mikulska
Mirosław Chojecki, Piotr Weychert (Grupa Filmowa Sp. z o.o.)
Kadr z filmu Mieczysław Jahoda. Wizard from Krakow