France2022fiction21'International Short Competition

One night, one assignment, one bike and an incessant race with time. A young man is trying to pay off his debt so that he will not lose the cubbyhole he is renting. But desperados are seldom preferred by fortune, which would rather put a stick in their spokes or blatantly laugh in their face. As in a mirror, this short fiction film reflects the everyday drudgery of thousands of suppliers of diverse goods rushing down the streets and pavements of our cities. What kind of stories are they carrying in food delivery backpacks which safeguard the temperature of dishes but not of themselves? There is a sliver of hope that appears in this dynamic puzzle of events. Social cinema narrated with the zest of an action movie.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
David Arslanian

David Arslanian is a French-Lebanese writer-director graduated from the European Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual. Currently living in Paris, he is developing several fiction projects and was a writing assistant on the second season of the series "En Thérapie". After having written and directed several independent films, he directed Charbon, a short film produced by Les Films Norfolk. His films, using the codes of the genre stage main characters on the margins who are looking for their place and trying to emancipate themselves from their conditions in the hope of a better life.

Balthazar LAB
David Arslanian, Ed Waguette, Thomas Desenne
Thomas Krameyer
Vivien Casamian
Marine Lepaulmier (Les Films Norfolk)
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