Poland2023documentary16'Konkurs polski (2023)

How much do you need to be happy? Three different characters from three different communities share their experiences of sadness, loss and unfulfillment . They speak about what shaped them and which events had the greatest impact on their current lives. Reflexive monologues about longing for happiness and love are accompanied by the images of the world surrounding the characters, which capture the everyday lives of the women. This poignant reflection on individual choices makes an introduction to a more universal story about the passing of time and a search for sense when one thinks that nothing more will happen in one’s life.

directed by
Łukasz Iwanicz, portret reżysera
Łukasz Iwanicz

Born in Warsaw. Third-year student of Film Directing at the Warsaw Film School. He made his debut with a short documentary film “7 words about passing away” at the 62nd Krakow Film Festival. He's interested in reportage photography.

Łukasz Iwanicz
Łukasz Iwanicz
Dominik Ossowski, Wojciech Zboina
Dominik Ossowski, Wojciech Zboina
Łukasz Iwanicz
Maciej Ślesicki, Barbara Pawłowska (Warsaw Film School)
Kadr z filmu Cataract