The Father

USA / 2019 / fiction / 9' / Short Film Competition

Andrei must sign documents in order to have his father disconnected from life support. This definitive decision triggers old memories in the man. "The Father" is a subtle story, full of tenderness, about the relationship between the father and the son, the most important things and moments that shape us as human beings. It is a personal and intimate film about the handover of responsibility between generations and the moment when one irrevocably ceases to be a child and begins to bear the entire burden of the everyday life oneself. This enormous emotional load is locked in a simple, albeit poignant, form lasting a little under 10 minutes.

directed by
Gleb OsatinskiQ&A guest

Film director. His award-winning short films screened at more than dozen of film festivals around the world including Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia, Asiana, Krakow, Atlanta, Sarasota, New York, and Los Angeles, Woodstock, Sidewalk, Boston Film Festivals and more. Currently, he is pursuing his study MFA program in Writing / Directing at Columbia University, New York

Peter Buntainine
Gleb Osatinski
Alex Notkin, J. Dixon Byrne, Dylan Krzywon, Ella Eyberk, Aidan Hughes
Gleb Osatinski
Megan Huggins (Columbia University), Jungyoon Kim (Inner Film Productions), (LLC)
The Father