Los Bengalas

Spain / 2019 / fiction / 21' / Short Film Competition

The backlands of sunny Spain and an old-school band in its annual tour of festivals in small villages and towns. Shiny jackets and catchy songs. Friends who have known one another for years and have been through a lot are having the time of their lives. This tour, however, is different. The lyrics become lost, thoughts follow unknown trails, time and places are gone. Cheerful despite all odds, "Orquesta Los Bengalas" is a story about love and friendship in the face of an irreversible change. The director breaks the mould of the stereotypical approach to Alzheimer and dementia in cinematography and whisks us off on a journey towards the last great concert of life.

directed by
David Valero SimónQ&A guest

A selftaught filmmaker that combines working in film and in publicity. In 2007 he premiered his first short film "Niños que nunca existieron", which achieved over fifty internationals awards. In 2012 he premiered his film "Los increibles" in San Sebastian Film Festival. His animation film "Linko" (2014) was premiered at Sección Premiere in the Málaga Film Festival. In the same year he premiered “El Arca de Noé", co-directed movie with Adán Aliaga, at the Seminci Film Festival.

Miguel Ángel Garví
David Valero Simón
Miguel Hortelano
David Valero Simón
David Valero Simón, Ismael Martín (Polars Films)
Los Bengalas