What does a young girl dream of in a small village in Nicaragua? Prince Charming who will help her to get away from her poor home and provide her with safety in the country mired in chaos. Prince Charming will appear soon enough, but instead of family happiness he will bring about violence and destitution. No prospects, failed marriage and two growing children whom she would like to offer good education – these are the reasons why the eponymous character after twenty years will decide to leave her village, abandon her violent husband and set off for far-away Spain to follow her dreams.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Peter Torbiörnsson

Director of documentary films. Since 1979 he has produced more than 20 documentaries from Latin America, Africa, Bosnia and Sweden. Among those a series of films about a family in the Nicaraguan village San Fernando: ‘The Border’ (1985), ‘Reyno’ (1987), ‘The Ceasefire’ (1988) and ‘The Lovers of San Fernando’ (2001).He has also been working as a journalist and correspondent for Swedish newspapers as well as Swedish Radio and TV.

Göran Gester
Peter Torbiörnsson
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Göran Gester
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