Tomorrow's Gone


The figure of Charlie Megira has been shrouded in mystery until today. We know that his real name was Gabi Abudraham and that he was a colourful bird of Israeli underground who looked like a character from the early films by Jim Jarmusch. Moreover, he collaborated with Ari Folman on "The Congress". The filmmaker, who was friends with the genius guitarist, spent two decades documenting his career – from garage performances to shows in the US. What demons were hiding behind Charlie’s stage mask? Why did he decide to give his last, the most desperate, performance?

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Boaz Goldberg

Born in 1974. Documentary filmmaker and an interdisciplinary visual artist. He worked as a music journalist for more than a decade ("Zman Tel Aviv", "City Mouse", "The City", "Israel Today") and meticulously covered the alternative music scene in Israel. He later had several editing and directing jobs in many television programs. He dabbled in painting, photography and recording music. All of this led him into the world of documentary filmmaking. “Tomorrow's Gone” is his debut feature documentary.

Boaz Goldberg, Rano Dick, Kfir Ripshtos
Boaz Goldberg, Eyal Datz
animated by
Dotan Goldwaser
Gabi Abudraham (Charlie Megira), Boaz Goldberg, Michal Kahan, Miro Abudraham, Eyal Shifron, Max Richter, Johnny Pemberton, Musa Nahmias, Kobi Or
Charlie Megira, Zico
Michael Emeth
Boaz Goldberg
Eyal Datz (Sparklehorse Productions)
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