Glitter & Dust


Who says a rodeo is for men only? Four girls prove that they feel perfectly comfortable in the saddle, just as well as their male friends do. Even though they are divided by almost everything having different cultural background and different motivation, they still share a common passion that takes up all their free time. They watch competitions, visit the stud farm and incessantly practise their skills, supervised by their male tutors. Cheered on by their families, they fight against prejudice and achieve success. Yet the rodeo will not become every girl's vocation.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Anna Koch

She has studied film directing at German Film and Television Academy Berlin GmbH dffb (2006). Since then she has also done editorial work for or Rowohlt-Verlag. Her filmography includes: “Win by Fall” (2016), “Das Wiesel und der Kampftiger” (2012), “Sisters” (2011), “Fata Morgana” (2008), “Aquamarin” (2007).

Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Julia Lemke

Cinematographer and film director. She was born with view of Hamburg Harbor. In 2006 she has started studying to become a cinematographer at German Film and Television Academy Berlin GmbH dffb (2006). Her short film “” (2010, dir. J. Langhof) screened at MOMA New York and Cannes in 2011. In 2013 she participated in Berlinale Talent Campus. Selected filmography as a cinematgrapher: “Win by Fall” (2016 , dir. A. Koch), “Ken” (2015 , dir. Z. Armstrong), “Kampftiger“ (dir. A. Koch), “Sisters” (2011, dir. A. Koch),”The Jewel and Troubled Water” (2009 , dir.: S. Winterling), “Schon immer so” (2008 , dir. L. Ma).

Julia Lemke
Anna Koch, Julia Lemke, Melanie Waelde
Peta Devlin, Thomas Wenzel, Paul Eisenach
Carlotta Kittel
Katharina Bergfeld, Martin Heisler (Flare Film GmbH)
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