The Butterfly’s Dream

Poland / 2020 / documentary / 91' / National Competition

The author of the film observes seven-year-old Zuzia's struggle for life from up-close. The girl suffers from an extremely rare genetic skin condition. Her skin, as sensitive as a butterfly's wing, falls apart under the gentlest touch. The only possibility to alleviate the girl's suffering is an expensive surgery in the USA, which entails high risk. The camera captures her parents in poignant moments of despair and their glimmers of hope when they are trying to survive this emotional rollercoaster. What is the most impressive in this film is Zuzia herself, who is aware of her situation in a very mature way.

directed by
Jarosław SzmidtQ&A guest

Cinematographer and film director. Graduate of the Faculty of Direction of Photography and TV Production at the Film School in Łódź. In 2011, as a cinematographer, scriptwriter and director, he made the feature-length documentary "John Paul II I Was Looking for You", which was seen by 390,000 viewers in Poland. He acquired professional experience working on the production of over several hundred episodes of popular Polish series. In 1997 he worked as the second assistant director on the set of "Jakob the Liar" (dir. Peter Kassovitz), where he was one of the closest collaborators of Robin Williams. As a director, he has made several feature film studies and documentaries broadcast by Polish TV. His filmography includes "Śmierć miasta" (2004), "Miasto w ogniu" (2004), "Pilgrim of Love" (2011), "John Paul II I Was Looking for You" (2011), "Polish Liwiusz" (2012) and "The Butterfly’s Dream" (2020).

Jarosław Szmidt
Jarosław Szmidt
animated by
Kacper Shikeli
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The Butterfly’s Dream