The Happiest Man in the World

Finland / 2020 / documentary / 85' / Somewhere in Europe. Boys Do Cry

An alcoholic, a man struggling with depression, a former soldier, a father deprived of parental authority and a patient with a heart condition. All of them are citizens of the world’s happiest country – Finland, just like the film director, who decides to take a closer look at his countrymen. He picks those who are apparently the most privileged, white and middle-aged. The men decide to share their own lives with him, tell him about their problems, painful experiences or mistakes of their youth. The film disproves the findings of optimistic surveys and, instead, shows a completely different perspective.

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directed by
Joonas BerghallQ&A guest

Director, writer, producer, born in Kemi, Finland, in 1977. He has been involved in film making since 1998. Today he works in his own production company Oktober. His latest films as a director, “The Happiest Man in the World” (2019), “Mother’s Wish” (2015), and “Steam of Life” (2010), have had wide international success. “Steam of Life” was nominated for European Film Award in 2010 and since then has won numerous awards, and is still being invited to different festivals around the world.

Pini Hellstedt
Timo Peltola
Timo Peltola
Joonas Berghall, Satu Majava Q&A guest (Oktober Oy)
The Happiest Man in the World