Poland / 2020 / fiction / 15' / Short Film Competition / National Competition

A single film shot and a single event that shakes up the everyday routine of people sharing the same backyard. Everyone has things to do, everyone is in a hurry, but an unconscious man is lying on the pavement – and he is the eponymous 'problem', both for passers-by and for the services. This short story, which could be just a formal exercise, is transformed into a gripping and in-depth socio-philosophical reflection about man confronted with a tragedy. The director's documentary experience and realistic angle are quite conspicuous here.

directed by
Tomasz WolskiQ&A guest

Director, producer, screenwriter, cameraman and editor. Born in 1977. He is a graduate of Journalism at the Jagiellonian University and a documentary course at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. He has made several documentaries, including “The Clinic” (2006), “The Lucky Ones” (2009), “Doctors” (2011), “Palace” (2012) and “Not For Everyone” (2012). A laureate of numerous awards, including the Grand Prix at the International Festival of TV Reportage Camera Obscura in Bydgoszcz for “Doctors”. His latest documentary film “Ordinary Country” (2020) received the Clinique de Genolier Jury award for the best innovative middle-length documentary film at Visions du Réel Documentary Film Festival, and together with short fiction film “Problem” will be screened in the competitive sections at the 60th Krakow Film Festival.

Wojciech Staroń
Katarzyna Tybinka
Michał Pawlik, Magda Alexander, Piotr Grabowski, Adam Szyszkowski, Marcin Janos Krawczyk, Dorota Kuduk, Lech Mackiewicz, Anna Krotoska, Agata Sasinowska, Katarzyna Nejman, Łucja Wolska
Zofia Moruś, Tomasz Wolski, Marcin Lenarczyk
Tomasz Wolski
Anna Gawlita (Kijora Film)