The Verdict in the Case of K.

Austria / 2020 / fiction / 30' / Short Film Competition

The court verdict for a rape on a 17-year-old girl during a young people’s party filmed by the perpetrator’s friend using a mobile phone does not close the case. The trauma of the victim as well as her family remains. It is the sigma that everyone will have to learn how to live with. Yet, its perception is different for everyone – the teenage girl, her brother and society. "The Verdict in the Case of K." is a mature, balanced and psychologically credible wise film whose message becomes stronger when it shows, with increasing calm and distance, the consecutive stages of the breakdown of a loving and caring family. Understatement can be heard the loudest here.

directed by
Özgür Anil

Born in 1994 in Vienna, Austria. After finishing his military service he studied Film Studies and Philosophy at the University of Vienna. In 2014 he was accepted as one of four students into the directing class of Michael Haneke at the Filmakademie Wien. His short film “Morgenmensch” was awarded and screened at many international film festivals including BFI London Film Festival and Filmfest Ghent. While continuing his studies he is also working as a journalist and film critic for Kurier and His filmography: „Josef Markus Julian”(2019), “Morgenmensch” (2018).

Lukas Allmaier
Önzgür Anil
Nazmi Kirik, Cem Deniz Tato, Zelal Kapcik, Michael Fuith, Martina Poel
Benedikt Palier, Jon Geirfinnsson, Joseph Mittermeier
Philipp Mayer
Jakob Widmann (Lemonade Films)
The Verdict in the Case of K.