Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Denmark / 2019 / fiction / 19' / Short Film Competition

A simple and delicate story, full of respect and the most sincere emotions, about an impossible, albeit inevitable, choice as well as a profound bond between a mother and a daughter. Seldom does life write for us scenarios we would dream about. An unwanted official letter changes both characters’ course of life forever. Only one of them is fully aware of what is going to happen, but she is unable to prevent it. In a wise and extraordinarily credible way, Mads Koudal’s film touches upon a rare cinematic topic – taking care of adults with disabilities. Avoiding cheap sentimentalism and clichés, it is genuinely poignant, not just because of the situation portrayed, but also thanks to the performance of both actresses.

directed by
Mads KoudalQ&A guest

Born in 1977 in Denmark. He has written, edited, and directed music videos, comedy sketches, for TV broadcasting (TV2 Zulu and Comedy Central among others). In 2016 he was nominated for Music Video Director of the Year at CPH PIX. Besides directing, Mads primarily works as an actor and just recently as a Hospital Clown - at public hospitals in Denmark. "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" is Mads' first short film experience as a director and writer.

Tobias Scavenius
Mads Koudal
Ghita Nørby, Jeanne Rasmussen, Charlotte Fich
Aske Bode
Rodney Wilkins
Thorbjørn Münter
Christopher Jermiin Anker, Martin Rasmussen (Mellow)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place