My Name Is Sonila

France, Albania / 2019 / fiction / 20' / Short Film Competition

A group of pickpockets robs the passengers of a city bus. Sonila’s purse is also stolen from her bag and she is not going to ignore this fact. She is convinced that she can recognise the perpetrators if the police help her. Minute by minute, this simple incident is turning into the Kafkaesque absurd. Director Suela Bako goes far beyond an anecdote in her story. "My name is Sonila" is also a critical, albeit not deprived of humour, portrayal of the reality entangled in procedures and schemes which, despite the purpose of making things easy, complicate everything or even thwart it in fact. Against all odds, this world is not so distant from the everyday life in Poland or Western Europe. The nervous, engaging style of the film adds dynamics to the story.

directed by
Suela BakoQ&A guest

She completed acting studies at the University of Arts in Tirana. She has been part of many short and feature films and theatre productions as an actress. She has worked as a TV director for over 10 years. After obtaining her Master Degree in Film & TV Directing at the University of Arts in Tirana, she has written and directed several short films: “Sea” (2012), “Meditation With Shakespeare” (2013), “The Director” (2013), “The Dinner” (2014), “Breeze” (2014), “Shirt Sleeves” (2015), “Light” (2017), “My Name is Sonila” (2019).

Shpëtim Baça
Suela Bako
Suela Bako, Marilda Furxhi, Kaltrin Zalla, Naum Shundi, Romir Zalla
Endri Pine, Elias Boughedir, Xavier Thibault
Tamouna Gugulashvili
Karine Blanc (Takami Productions), Sabina Kodra, Robert Budina, Michel Tavares, Nathalie Landais
My Name Is Sonila