Broken head


"I like to feel powerful", says Andrzej detained in a unit for recidivists. But problems with the law and drugs make him admit his weakness. Will therapy and a rehabilitation programme help him get back on his feet and sort out his complicated relationship with his girlfriend? The camera accompanies the man during his everyday activities. In between declarations of improvement, the reconstruction of his criminal past and casual conversations of inmates, we can find out about the doubts of the man who is not certain of his emotions and tries to define the complex situation in which he has been stuck.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Maciej Jankowski

Maciej Jankowski
Maciej Jankowski
Rafał Nowak
Maciej Jankowski, Agata Cierniak
Agata Golańska (Polish National Film School in Łódź)
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