Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal

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"I like to visualise things that were not seen before and in this way enhance my experience of reality", says Michiel van Bakel and this is exactly what he does in his film. In "Re-Sculpted in time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal", this photographer and filmmaker who also studied astronomy and psychology makes use of his competencies to evoke spectre-like pictures of the famous Dutch sanatorium. Virtual imaging achieved by means of laser techniques is combined with the citations from Andrei Tarkovsky’s works. The spectators follow van Bakelem into his half-dreamy vision, which is at the same time a reflection on the nature of human mind.

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Michiel van Bakel

Michiel van Bakel
Michiel van Bakel
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Michiel van Bakel
Michiel van Bakel
Michiel van Bakel (Zinc Garden)
Kadr z filmu Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal