There's No Shooting in Kyiv

Czech Republic2019documentary30'

‘I’m trying to live in a normal way for my family’, said one of the protagonists of the documentary about the everyday life in Kyiv, a city where the echoes of war can still be felt. In the film by Jakub Šedý, the capital of Ukraine is ugly, grey and repulsive. People are walking the streets immersed in hopelessness and become revived only among their family members, behind closed doors. They work, celebrate holidays and, above all, help their fellow countrymen. Although there is no shooting in Kyiv, it is impossible to drown out the dangerous voices that can still be heard from outside the eastern border.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Jakub Šedý

Studied Directing and Scriptwriting at Thomas Bata University in Zlin. He also studied Philosophy at Charles University in Prague. He graduated with the film adaptation of Wernisch's poems (“With the shotgun undercoat”). In 2014 he made documentary about growing up of child in lesbian family (“The Freaks”). “There's no shooting in Kyiv” is his long-term project - he has worked on the film since 2017.

Radim Vaňous
Jakub Šedý
animated by
Pavel Vrtěl
Tereza Vágnerová
Jan Macola (Mimesis Film)
Kadr z filmu There's No Shooting in Kyiv