White Eye

Israel / 2019 / fiction / 21' / Short Film Competition

An ordinary situation transforms into a social drama providing insight into the reality of the contemporary Israel, although it could have happened in many other corners of the world, too. By accident, the protagonist finds his beloved bike which was stolen a month ago in the street. Trying to get it back, in the name of noble intentions he launches a chain of events that will soon make him radically question his own actions. Blame in "White Eye" turns out less unambiguous than it seems at the beginning and the punishment is more severe than the crime that was committed. Who really committed it, the apparent thief or the just man? Difficult questions and apt observations gain dynamics thanks to the form of the story, which is narrated in one take.

directed by
Tomer Shushan

Writer and a film director from Israel. Graduated from the Film Department of Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv, with Excellence scholarship 2016. Directed “Inside Shells” (short, 2017) screened in FIPA and Sau Paulo international short film festival among others. "White Eye" his second short, won the best short film award in Haifa international film festival. The film’s international premiere was at SXSW 2020. Currently developing his first feature film "Between the sacred and the secular" and the Israeli TV series "Torso".

Saar Mizrahi
Tomer Shushan
Daniel Gad, Dawit Tekelaeb, Amir Bushari, Reut Akkerman, Muhammad Abu Leil, Kamaias El Shiekh, Omri David, Yehuda Lazarovich, Gosha Demin, Alon Reter
Yosefi Shlomo
Nin Hazan
Shira Hochman
Kobi Mizrahi (KM Productions), Shira Hochman (MINA Films)
White Eye