United Kingdom / 2019 / fiction / 20' / Short Film Competition

Narrated with the verve characteristic of the best British crime stories, such as "Silent Witness" or "Broadchurch", this film is an engaging puzzle from the very first until the last take. It is full of emotions, drama, suspense and surprising turns of action. A worker of a social welfare home dies in mysterious circumstances – he falls out of a window. How did it happen? Only one man knows the answer - Dylan, a boy with Down syndrome. Nevertheless, "Innocence" is not yet another uplifting and sentimental story about disability, still an important element of the plot. Without no doubt, the viewers are offered truly genuine cinema which undermines stereotypes and provokes questions. Kudos to the actors, above all Tommy Jessop in the leading role.

directed by
Ben ReidQ&A guest

Ben works in the fields of drama, documentary and commercials. Over the last decade his work has received EMMY, Grierson, RTS and BAFTA nominations and awards. Broadcasters of his films include BBC, Channel 4, Sky, National Geographic, Discovery, NBC and NETFLIX. Ben was inspired to make “Innocence” by his brother, who has Down syndrome, and wrote the lead role for Tommy Jessop, the first ever actor with Down syndrome to be selected for BAFTA Elevate.

Paul Kirsop
Ben Reid, Owen Gower
Michael Blainey
Max Downey
Tibo Travers (Sweetdoh! LTD.)