The Butler

Denmark / 2019 / documentary / 25' / Short Film Competition

Christopher is a young and well-read man whose passion, next to poetry, is cycling. Although he regularly participates in numerous sports competitions, he always loses. It is not just bad luck, poor preparation or lack of skills, but his conscious decision. Empathy and the need to be useful turn out to be essential. The man has always cared about the well-being of others sacrificing his own desires. Will he manage to overcome this attitude and finally decide to fight for himself and himself only?

directed by
Daniel DencikQ&A guest

Film editor, screenwriter, director and author. Born 1972, Sweden. Graduated in editing at the National Film School of Denmark, 1999. He is also a writer of poetry books and short stories. Filmography: “Gold Coast” (2015), “Expedition to the End of the World” (2013), “Tal R: The Virgin” (2013), “Moon Rider” (2012).

Marcel Zyskind
Johan Carøe
Theis Schmidt
Michael Haslund-Christensen (Haslund/Dencik Entertainment ApS)
The Butler