What happens backstage? What an artist should do when he feels no inspiration? How to create if "scattered sounds revolve around the room and words take no shape"? The animation by Marcin Wojciechowski is not only a story inspired by the life of Ian Curtis, Joy Division's lead singer, but first and foremost - a universal story of a man who cannot handle the reality. Pulsating frames, the camera moving around an empty room, a narrative stream of consciousness and repeated sentences make up a psychedelic animation about a creative burnout and meanders of the human mind.

directed by
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Marcin Wojciechowski

Animated film director, author of graphics for commercials and publications and illustrator. Born in 1972. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (1999). Using the classic stop-frame animation technique he makes small-scale films working under the name of Moving Pictures Laboratory. His works explore psychological states and reactions to stimuli from the external world. He has taken part in numerous experimental film and video-art screenings and festivals in Poland and abroad. He is also an educator offering classes and workshops in film experiments and animation.

Marcin Wojciechowski
Marcin Wojciechowski
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Marcin Wojciechowski
Electrony/ Joy Divison
Marcin Wojciechowski
Marta Gebhardt (Fundacja Anima Art)
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