All Her Dying Lovers

Germany, Czech Republic / 2020 / animated / 6' / Short Film Competition

It started with gossip in Czechoslovakia in the aftermath of World War II and ended with headlines in the international media in 2014. They say there was a nurse who was raped by the Nazis. Supposedly, she fell ill after that. Apparently, she decided to take revenge...The animation, on the basis of shreds of a tale, tries to reconstruct a story from the times of World War II, which is still alive, and pays tribute to its heroine. The residents of a Czech town become the narrators who retell the urban legend passed down by word of mouth. Their words are illustrated by drawings showing crimes in a figurative way, yet creating the atmosphere of dread and restlessness.

directed by
Portret Q&A guest
Anna BennerQ&A guest

Artist working across animation, drawing and installation. Her work deals with psychology and emotions, often using hand-drawn rotoscope animation. Her animated short films have screened worldwide and won prizes at international film festivals like KFF, Annecy, Encounters and Stuttgart Trick Film Festival. Filmography: “The Squirrel and the Penguin” (2011), “Tis the Season” (2013), “Through the Hawthorn” (2013) (KFF student jury prize 2014, ITFS Grand Prix 2014), “Cernobila/Black&White” (2019).

Portret Q&A guest
Eluned Zoe AianoQ&A guest

Filmmaker, editor and translator with a background in Visual Anthropology whose work is generally centred on Central/Eastern Europe. She is currently working on her first feature documentary in Serbia. She also writes about film and is a regular contributor to the East European Film Bulletin. Filmography: “Flotacija” (2021),“Cernobila/Black&White” (2019), “Imam pesmu da vam pevam/I Have a Song to Sing You” (2018), “Almut” (2014).

animated by
Anna Benner
Lioba Grunow
Raphael Tschernuth
Michał Krajczok, Vojtěch Knot
Anna Benner, Linda Dědková (ZLA films), Martin Hulovec
Kadr z filmu All Her Dying Lovers