Hey! Teachers!

Russia / 2020 / documentary / 90' / Documentary Film Competition

Unlike in the song by Pink Floyd, the eponymous line is not an accusation thrown against the teaching staff. To the contrary – two young idealists, Katya and Vasya, start work at school, which they very much want to change. Over the course of one year we can observe their efforts to win the confidence of their teenage students, to stimulate their interests and educate them to be better people. Each day, young pedagogues must face nationalism, sexism, homophobia as well as the resistance of the institution and the entire system. Will they manage to persevere in their mission?

directed by
Portret Q&A guest
Yulia VishnevetsQ&A guest

Konstantin Salomatin, Darya Senicheva, Yulia Lantsova
Yulia Vishnevets, Olga Badina
Eugenia Vengerova (OkaReka)
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