Only the Wind

Poland2021documentary58'National Competition

A journey in search of childhood memories. A ninety-year-old man sets off on a trip with his granddaughter to Kazakhstan, where he was in exile as a child in the 1940s. The story captured in several faded photos will turn out extremely difficult to present as the man’s memory fails and time obliterates all the traces. Will the protagonists find a shadow of the past in the limitless Asian steppes? A warm family film about love and memory which proves that it makes sense to pursue your dreams, even if the final result falls short of your expectations.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Zofia KowalewskaQ&A guest

Film director She was born in 1995 in Krakow. She is a student of Film Directing at the Film School in Łódź. Her documentary "Bonds" (prod. by the Munk Studio) has won over 40 awards at prestigious festivals in Poland and abroad (Krakow Film Festival, IDFA or DOK Leipzig) and was shortlisted among ten films competing for an Oscar in 2017. She is a laureate of the Talent Trójki competition in the film category and a three-time recipient of the scholarship granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Currently, she is working on her graduation film at the Film School in Łódź.

Grzegorz Hartfiel
Zofia Kowalewska
Zdzisław Torhan
Jesimchan Turechanowicz Tokubajew
Krzysztof Ridan
Jerzy Zawadzki
Stanisław Zaborowski, Daria Maślona (Silver Frame)
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