Flying Hair

Poland1984animated8'Piotr Dumała Retrospective

An impression on the walk of a couple in love, full of subtle poetry. Embraced, they are walking slowly and a starry sky is above them. Suddenly, a violent storm breaks, tree branches are being snapped and the lovers are showered with silver needles weaving into their hair. All this is happening to the music of Krzysztof Knittel distinguished with an honourable mention at the Animafilm festival in Zamość (1987). Piotr Dumała’s graphic art was awarded three years earlier in Kraków (1984) and the film received a prize at the Lubuskie Lato Filmowe in Łagów (1986). In this film for the first time the artist employed plasterboard animation, the technique invented by him.

directed by
Piotr Dumała

Piotr Dumała – animated and feature film director and graphic artist. He was born in 1956. His films, including A Gentle Creature (1985), Freedom of the Leg (1988), Franz Kafka (1991) and Crime and Punishment (2000) won over 70 awards at international festivals (among others, in Kraków, Zagreb, Annecy). In 2009 he made his feature debut The Forest. Dumała teaches at the Film School in Łódź, Konstfack College in Eksjo and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Andrzej Teodorczyk, Jadwiga Zauder
Piotr Dumała
animated by
Piotr Dumała
Krzysztof Knittel
Mieczysław Janik, Ewa Stańczuk, Ewa Głodek, Wiesław Nowak
Henryka Sitek
(Studio Małych Form Filmowych Se-Ma-For)
Kadr z filmu Flying Hair