Spain2020fiction18'International Short Film Competition

A surreal and poetic story about a couple that finds a hedgehog costume covered with asbestos at a scrapyard. The odd outfit, as if from Lenny Abrahamson’s Frank or Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko, ’introduces an element of a puzzle to their world. It provokes and observes the protagonists and the world immersed in pandemic loneliness. This unambiguous picture, open to interpretations, with a disturbing and fascinating climate, surprising confrontations, is led not only by the enigmatic mask but also Vivaldi’s music.

directed by
Q&A guest, portret reżysera
Javier Marco

Film director, producer and editor His works have been awarded and screened at such festivals as Clermont Ferrand, Palm Springs, Cleveland, FICG Guadalajara and Leeds. His filmography includes such short films as “Classmate” (2016), “The Girl with the Red Dress On” (2017), “Uno’ (2018), “Dying to Come Back” (2019) and “Face to Face” (2020) – the best live action short at Goya® Awards 2021, also nominated for the Forqué Awards.

León Velásquez
Belen Sanchez-Arevalo
Christopher Slaski
Javier Marco
Javier Marco Rico (Javier Marco Rico)
Kadr z filmu Asbestos